Which Tarot Card Are You?

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In addition, the atmosphere filters the light rays coming from space that are harmful to living things. The majority of the intense ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun are filtered out by the ozone layer of the atmosphere and only a limited–and essential–part of the ultraviolet spectrum reaches the Earth. Interestingly, the atmosphere lets only harmless and useful rays– visible light, near ultraviolet light, and radio waves pass through. The atmosphere surrounding the earth serves crucial functions for the continuity of life. The protective function of the atmosphere does not end here. Read how to tell fake astrologers from real ones here. Go here to enrol or renew your membership now. Now it’s a consideration between develop Earth orbit economically within the next few years or leave it as a nature preserve for a small group of astronomers and astro-photographers. On 27 October it will cross the plane of Earth’s orbit.

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