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With proper management software, it is just a matter of simple clicks to keep all student data and information in control. You must pay the full amount required by your repayment plan, as partial payments do not fulfill your obligation to repay your student loan on time. They have been nabbed for multi-million dollar international cyber crimes because of the amount of personal information on a wife’s social media profile. Finally, the amount remembered was divided by the time allotted to memorization to determine the number of bits remembered per second. S5. PINPOINT. To make the search formulation precise by minimizing (or reducing) the number of parallel terms, retaining the more perfectly descriptive terms. PARALLEL and PINPOINT deal implicitly with elements in a query that are to be ORed together. PINPOINT is the opposite of PARALLEL. S4. PARALLEL. To make the search formulation broad (or broader) by including synonyms or otherwise conceptually parallel terms.

T4. NEIGHBOR. To seek additional search terms by looking at neighboring terms, whether proximate alphabetically, by subject similarity, or otherwise. Consider, for example, the old debate over whether to have classified or alphabetico-specific subject catalog access. A classified catalog collocates entries by their conceptual relationship; an alphabetico-specific catalog collocates entries only by their alphabetical order. T5. TRACE. To examine information already found in the search in order to find additional terms to be used in furthering the search. For example, in a system as complex as an information facility, there are surely more useful file structure tactics than have been noted here. TERM TACTICS: Tactics to aid in the selection and revision of specific terms within the search formulation. T3. RELATE. To move sideways hierarchically to a coordinate term. T2. SUB. To move downward hierarchically to a more specific (subordinate) term. Tl. SUPER. To move upward hierarchically to a broader (superordinate) term. The term NOT was not used, however, because the concept extends beyond the usual applications of Boolean searching.

However, they will fight other animals and even other wolves in order to protect their pack. However, such systems also necessarily collocate entries. In on-line searching, one examines whatever proximate entries are made available by the on-line program one is using. Though these tactics are most readily applied in on-line Boolean searching, they may also be used in manual searching. See remaining term tactics for some specific variations. S6. BLOCK. To reject, in the search formulation, items containing or indexed by certain term(s), even if it means losing some document sections of relevance. For example, in doing a manual literature search, one may choose to reject all items containing a certain word in the title. It was stated earlier that the tactics presented in this article are restricted to those dealing with the search proper: monitoring the search, threading through the file structure, and fitting search query to system/resource vocabulary.

Various tactics form clusters as responses to situations where a search produces too many or too few documents. With experience, other tactics in the aforementioned categories should emerge. S3. REDUCE. To minimize the number of elements of the query in the initial search formulation, or to subtract one or more of the query elements from an already-prepared search formulation. T8. REARRANGE. In any system where terms may contain more than one word, word order may make a difference in retrieval success. JTTFs have been critical to many recent terrorism investigations, including the arrests of Najibullah Zazi and Faisal Shahzad for terrorist plots to attack the New York transit system and Times Square, respectively. The mighty Kraken has been referenced many times in pop culture in the forms of movies, literature, and video games as well as other interesting products. Insurance plan quotes could be helpful as well as useful tools. Well there are lots of benefits that can be availed by the retirees once they qualify for the schemes as per the equity release information rules. Accounts in the iCloud account’s Account Information tab. To be honest, a plan to search for the latest information about a phone number is not difficult if you have a dependable lookup service.