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The prescribed fire is part of the Glaze Meadow Restoration Project, a project which was accomplished through close collaboration between the Forest Service, public, and representatives from both the environmental and timber communities. Hazards, including fire weakened trees and areas of hot ash, will exist in the burn area for 1-2 weeks or more after burn implementation. It is advised that recreationists remain on the trails and roads, and that dogs remain on leash when travelling around the burn area. If smoke drifts on to roads, motorists should slow down, turn on headlights, and proceed with care. Black Butte Ranch will likely be impacted by smoke as a result of this project. The 90 area to be treated is adjacent to Black Butte Ranch and ¼ mile south of Highway 20 in the Glaze Meadow area. Fuels specialists will be monitoring the burn area through the weekend and into next week. The smoke will dissipate after ignitions have been completed, but smoke could be visible in the burn area for an additional 2-3 days.

BEND – Specific wind and weather conditions will allow fuels specialists to burn in the West Bend Project area near Phil’s Trailhead off of Skyliner Road this Thursday. However smoke will be highly visible from the Bend and the surrounding areas. Fuels specialists will follow policies outlined in the Oregon Department of Forestry smoke management plan, which governs controlled burns, and attempts to minimize impacts to visibility and public health. Fuels specialists will follow policies outlined in the Oregon Department of Forestry smoke management plan, which governs prescribed fires, and attempts to minimize impacts to visibility and public health. The winds forecasted for the burn area are expected to push smoke up and over Bend, which will limit impacts to the community. Burning will occur approximately one mile south from the trailhead parking area and operations should be completed by 4 p.m. Forten Company, a merchandiser, recently completed its calendar-year 2015 operations.

Changes in current asset and current liability accounts for the year that relate to operations follow. Even regression testing should be done to make sure that the app works fine even with the changes. Given the Department of Justice’s recent subpoena to Google, it’s likely the police or even lawyers in civil cases–divorce attorneys, employers in severance disputes–eventually will demand that Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, and other search engines cough up users’ search histories. SISTERS – Given favorable weather conditions, Deschutes National Forest fuel specialists on the Sisters Ranger District plan to conduct a prescribed burn today. 9. Create an incident response plan. Southwest Oregon will see the highest temperatures, with Medford’s predicted to reach 114 degrees. 10.1 million grant to restore 145,000 acres of forest in Central Oregon. This week, the Forest Service is conducting prescribed burning projects in Deschutes County as noted below. It can be a meeting or phone call done every week, where you both can discuss your feelings freely.

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