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Over the next few months, I made a lot of noise to Mama and Daddy (a.k.a. But I didn’t stop pestering, and I think Mama eventually realized how serious I was and communicated that to Daddy. Instead, I began drooling over the Edmund Scientific catalog Daddy gave me and, just like all us gear-mad amateurs today, dreaming of More Better Gooder that could take me farther. One morning, just as I was waking up to get ready for school, Daddy came through the door to my room with a telescope in his arms. I had to have a telescope. Nevertheless, the moon and planets each have very specific and very strong influences, and the only way you can find out what that is, is by having your personal horoscope calculated. Her optics were not-so-hotsky, doing OK on the Moon, OK on the few deep sky objects I could find, and poorly on the planets. For me that is casual imaging of the sort I did on this evening and deep cruising with the Mallincams, and it’s already obvious the CGEM is more than capable of both things.

When evening finally came, I turned the Tasco to the sky, taking first light on a nice, gibbous Moon. For the longest time, all I had was a single snapshot of me posed with my wonderful telescope, my dog-eared copy of Stars, and a Moon picture or two I took with the Tasco and my Argus box camera. We’d set up at our little observatory at a school facility, invite the public out at a specific time, show off the sky for a set period, and send everybody home. All five us us, me, D., Beth, son-in-law Rob, and Lizbeth, trouped out into the front yard and, despite low altitude and haze and light pollution, the great nebula shone through. I spend too much time re-centering objects between observers, and a Dobsonian is way too easy to move off target by the small, eager hands that will inevitably clutch the focuser despite my pleas of “Look, don’t touch! That feel’s too much like W-O-R-K.

Here’s a question we received recently about the topic: “I wondered if you could answer a brief question on dark entities and how much they influence our lives. I barely heard what he said, a simple “I happened to go by Joe’s Loan last night during my supper break and saw this and thought you might like it.” That was plenty. If you have a stable like some of us do, however, which one to use? I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, a Christmas just as numinous as ours is turning out to be. From that moment on my course was set, even though the Tasco did not turn out to be quite the thoroughbred I thought she was. Most of all, this 3-inch Tasco Newtonian seemed to be straining in her traces, eager to gallop into the sky like a thoroughbred. I didn’t care that the little Tasco came from a pawnshop.

I just didn’t see any other solution than that she would have to go, and I soon bundled her off to live with someone whose wife thought he’d enjoy a BIG TELESCOPE. Nevertheless, I was gobsmacked when further investigation revealed this relic was indeed part of that wonderful telescope from so many, many years ago. No telescope was forthcoming. A club brings enough tangibles and intangibles to the table to make it worth belonging even if you consider yourself an introvert. Which was enough for me. See breathtaking pictures of all the planets, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn and even Pluto! Depending upon the house positions of the planets, first one body will cross an angle, then another. Additionally, they usually suffer from illness or regular discomfort in the ovaries and lower section of the body because of the heavy sugar intake. It’s easy to forget it amidst the nostalgia for those supposedly more innocent times, but in the late 1950s and early 1960s the lower middle class had resources more akin to those of po’ folks today.