Basic Facts About The Canary Islands

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Claims are often denied time after time for information being incomplete or incorrect. The main resorts are Puerto del Carmen, CostaTeguise, Playa Blanca, Charco del Palo and Teguise who welcome large numbers of visitors annually. It was large enough that it was sometimes mistaken for an island and it was said that the real danger to sailors from the Kraken was the whirlpool it would create when it submerged. Each of the islands is volcanic in origin and serves as a reminder of a large volcanic mountain range lying beneath the Atlantic Ocean. Examples: Lavender, Periwinkle, Common Juniper, and Mountain Pine. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is the organization to go to for all kinds of information about elk, including elk population. It gives transportation and homes for walrus, polar bears, arctic fox; it’s the foundation of the Arctic that without, well, it wouldn’t really by the Arctic but just another ocean. Arctic wolves are a unique breed of wolf.

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